5 Cyber Threats Mid-sized Businesses Need to Protect Against

October 18, 2015

Insufficient data protection combined with unprecedented access to premium information make mid-sized businesses one of the leading targets for cyber-attacks. Despite the high risk, many mid-sized businesses are still unaware of the magnitude of cyber threats and fail to safeguard against vulnerabilities. Below are the top five areas where companies lack sufficient cyber threat protection.

Top 5 Cyber Threats

1.) Insider Cyber Threats

Employees have access to sensitive files and confidential data, and it only takes one click to send this data to the wrong person or migrate a document to an insecure location – resulting in exposed private company and client information.

2.) Phishing

Something as simple as a link in an email can trick users into sharing sensitive information or downloading Malware that will infect the entire company’s system. Firewalls and anti-virus software offer little protection when a cybercriminal is “let in” unintentionally.

3.) Denial of Service

An entire company network can be brought down during a denial of service attack. The attack will systematically attack the system and result in critical resources becoming unavailable. Over half of mid-sized businesses are not equipped to deal with an attack like this because they lack a security response plan.

4.) Malware Exploits due to use of Outdated or Risky Software

Malicious software can gain access to a company’s network by targeting an employee’s computer to gain unauthorized access. If someone within a company is running risky software like BitTorrent or has an outdated version of Java or Flash and visits an insecure website, cyber criminals can hack into the company network and distribute malware to employees and valuable clients.

5.) Mobile Device Exposure

Mobile devices are one of the most common ways that cyber criminals can gain access to a company network and confidential data. Secure information is constantly being exposed via mobile devices through company email, file sharing, and running insecure mobile applications.

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