NetWatcher’s founders have a vision that every small and medium size enterprise should have access to the same cyber security protection that the Fortune 1000 have at their disposal.  The NetWatcher team believes that cyber security protection should be easy to install, easy to use, easy to understand, highly accurate and affordable for any size organization.


Scott B. Suhy, Chief Executive Officer – As an entrepreneur, Scott has successfully built businesses for large, mid-size and start-up companies over the past 25 years. Scott has a great balance of deep technical skills, broad leadership, and business experience. Prior to NetWatcher, Scott co-founded PointAbout (a mobile applications company sold to 3Pillar Global), grew GreenLine Systems (a data analytics company sold to AT Solutions) and was a General Manager at Microsoft for over 15 years. Scott has a BS in Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh.

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ken2 Kenneth Shelton, Chief Technology Officer – Ken has more than 10 years of experience doing research and development in the area of cyber vulnerabilities and network monitoring. Ken’s leadership in this area has made him one of the foremost authorities on how security vulnerabilities are both leveraged and prevented. Ken has a BS in both Computer Science and Computer Engineering from the University of South Florida.

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lauren-600x599 Lauren Sexton, Director Business Development – Lauren, graduated from the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech with a BS in Marketing. Since graduating she has gained experience in B2C and B2B sales in both the enterprise and SME market, as well as management through her past roles at Sherwin Williams and MemoryBlue. She joined the NetWatcher team in July 2015, where she manages the sales team, partners, and active accounts.

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adam-600x599 Adam McKay, Sr. VP  Security Operations Center (SOC) – Adam has many years of experience as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Oceans Edge doing research and development in the area of cyber vulnerabilities research.

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