NetWatcher Cyber Security Webinar

Chief Executive Officer at NetWatcher
July 22, 2016

NetWatcher Webinar: Law Firm Cyber Security

Learn Cyber Security Best Practices from the Experts


Many law firms fail to take adequate steps to protect themselves against a data breach, and firms of all sizes are falling victim to increasing numbers of cyber attacks. Because hackers have recognized firms as  tempting and susceptible targets, the legal industry has become the  7th most vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Last Wednesday, the NetWatcher team hosted an enticing webinar that explored why law firms are targets and what firms can do to prevent, detect, and eliminate cyber attacks. The webinar was led by both legal and cyber security experts. They discussed the importance of client-attorney privilege and its legal and ethical implications regarding data security in the legal industry. They then introduced easy-to-follow next steps that all lawyers can follow to protect their firms from data breach.


Click the button below to download the full recording of the webinar and learn detailed information on how to best protect your law firm from a security breach.

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