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Chief Executive Officer at NetWatcher
January 24, 2017

The Power of the NetWatcher Cyber Health Score and Cyber Promiscuity Score (more here)

The NetWatcher scores can be very powerful both at the company level and at the end user level.  At the company level a manager can determine both the Risk of Attack (Cyber Promiscuity Score) and the issues they are faced with today (Cyber Health Score).   At the asset level a manager can also determine who in the organization is causing the most issues and exposing the organization to threat of attack.

Organizations can also use these scores for grading their supply chain on how well they are running their businesses and ensuring their data is secure while its in the hands of the suppliers.


The Technical Power of NetWatcher (The Advanced Tab)

NetWatcher is both simple to use but also very powerful.  This video is meant to give you a glimpse into the technical power of the platform.


A High Level View (Demo)

This video provides a generic high level overview of the NetWatcher platform and service.