Cloud Security: Easily Monitor AWS, Azure, Google Cloud (and any other cloud) Server with the NetWatcher NetAgent

May 03, 2017

For cloud security monitoring:

  1. Would you like to send all your AWS, Azure or Google Cloud server logs to the NetWatcher cloud for correlation?
  2. Would you like to do File Integrity Monitoring, Process Monitoring and Rootkit checks (Host Intrusion Detection or HIDS) on AWS, Azure or Google Cloud servers and send the events to the NetWatcher cloud for correlation?


You now have the option to deploy the NetWatcher NetAgent on Cloud Servers and take the HIDS/Logs directly to the NetWatcher cloud for correlation.


The NetWatcher agent and virtual machine (VM) sensor have always could run in public cloud environments, however if you choose to, you now have the option to deploy without a sensor.  This figure shows you both options.   Obviously, there is more overhead (and a slightly higher cost due to the additional processing being pushed to the NetWatcher cloud) associated with deploying an agent only environment but it is a nice option for simple deployment and monitoring.

Simply download the NetAgent from the customer portal and install it on your AWS, Azure or Google Cloud hosted server.   Then turn on HIDS and Logs.   We will do the rest to turn the events into Alarms you need to be aware of via the NetWatcher Cloud Correlation service.

Navigating The Event Data


However, you can view, export and utilize all the event data as well.  To navigate the logs, simply go to the ‘Advanced’ tab and create and save queries, tripwires and charts on top of the data.  For example, this is a grouped query for all HIDS and Syslogs for the last week.


You can Chart the Data


You can easily create bar, line and pie charts of the data and navigate the event details by clicking on the chart.


You Can Drive Into The Details Of An Event:


Save Queries And Set Tripwires


You can even save queries and set tripwires in case this condition is met in the future.  You can even receive SMS and emails if a tripwire condition is met.

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