NetWatcher primarily helps you with the 164.308 Administrative Safeguards:

§164.308 Information System Activity Review

REQUIREMENT: Implement procedures to regularly review records of information system activity, such as audit logs, access reports, and security incident tracking reports.

NetWatcher has detailed reporting that you can see both in the easy to use ‘Dashboard’ as well as ‘Reporting’ menu

The Dashboard has over 20 widgets where you can get information such as your overall security score, review vulnerable & risky software running on the network and dig into all the countries your users assets are communicating with on a real time basis.


The Reporting menu has the ability to report across all the security related issues that have occurred on the network.  These reports are saved and searchable at any time.   Reports can be made reoccurring and send to an email address daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.


If you dig into an Alarm (incident)

NetWatcher Asset Manager:assets


NetWatcher Report Generator:reports

§164.308 Protection from Malicious Software

REQUIREMENT: Procedures for guarding against, detecting, and reporting malicious software.

With NetWatcher you can both know when an exploit is occurring, as well as, know what vulnerabilities exist in your network that will cause future exploits (security hygiene)


Security Exploits:exploit

Security Hygiene:hygiene
NetWatcher also provides a detailed explanation (that changes based on your user profile) of what the exploit is and more importantly how to remediate the issue.

Note: If you are using Triumfant on your endpoints you can also remediate most issues right from the user interface.


§164.308 Security Incident Response and Reporting

REQUIREMENT: Identify and respond to suspected or known security incidents; mitigate harmful effects of known security incidents and document security incidents and their outcomes.

With NetWatcher you can document how an issue was dealt with AND create a ticket with a full record of how the issue was responded to from start to finish. adware
You can also report on how all issues of different priorities were dealt with over a specific time period.reports

Download your HIPAA eBook titled “HIPAA: What you need to do to ensure you have cyber-security covered” here:

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