NetWatcher's Cyber Threat Monitoring and Network Security Scorecard

What’s Your Cyber Preparedness Score?

Many mid-sized enterprises do not spend time or money thinking about the security of their networks, especially if they have not been seriously compromised in the past.

Organizations without a cybersecurity plan have become the new attack vector for the bad actor. The increase in cyber threats has resulted in organizations asking their supply chain partners to have a more advanced security profile.

Is your company prepared?

NetWatcher has created a scorecard for you to find out how well your business is prepared. This doesn’t replace a thorough audit, but it will help determine when your company stands and what areas need improvement. Turn over to check your cyber preparedness score.

About NetWatcher

Cybercrime continues to rise as one of the most common economic crimes. NetWatcher is a 24×7 security monitoring service designed specifically for small and medium-size enterprises. With NetWatcher, your company can reduce risk and achieve regulatory compliance.

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