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Chief Executive Officer at NetWatcher
July 08, 2015

Here are 3 great sites to keep up on cyber security breaches.:

  1. Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
  2. Great graphical representation of breach data at ‘Information is Beautiful
  3. Great breach statistics at Statista

According to the IC3, the monetary damage caused by reported cyber crime in 2013 amounted to more than 781 million U.S. dollars. That year, the U.S. state with the highest amount of losses was California with over 105 million U.S. dollars in reported cyber crime damages. The average cost of a company-directed cyber crime attack in the United States was 11.56 million U.S. dollars.

Based on the type of attack, industry figures estimate the number of days necessary to solve a cyber attack on a company can take up to 65.5 days. The most common types of cyber attacks experienced by U.S. companies as of August 2013 were viruses and malware. According to a 2013 survey regarding U.S. companies, the most popular cyber securities deployed were advanced perimeter controls and firewall technologies as well as the extensive usage of encryption technologies.

Despite these efforts to protect the company from outside cyber attacks, there are many employee activities that render a company vulnerable, such as mobile device usage or remote work access. Other obstacles to implementing more robust cyber security solutions for businesses are the lack of funds as well as the lack of clarity regarding best practice. Overall, 42 percent of SMB owners in the United States regarded cyber security expenditure as a cost of business with 40 percent of IT security layer spending being directed towards the network layer. Furthermore, 26 percent of internal costs due to cyber crime were allocated towards detection.