NetWatcher Releases Free Endpoint Solution

November 15, 2016

Along with today’s announcement of the NetWatcher Cloud Endpoint – The newest addition to the NetWatcher Cyber Security Platform (more here).  We are also announcing the availability of a free version of the endpoint for organizations that wants to try before they buy the NetWatcher enterprise cyber security service.

Once you install the free NetAgent you get access to a secure VPN and the Sensor in the Cloud (other items are on the way as well).   With your secure VPN you can feel comfortable sending information to the internet and having it encrypted.   With the addition of Sensor-in-the-Cloud(TM) we take it a whole new level and offer you deep packet inspection and intrusion detection in the Cloud-along with advanced correlation providing invaluable threat intelligence.

Users can download the free endpoint here.

Here is information on how to get started with the new free endpoint service.


Check out NetWatcher’s free endpoint