Nice Article from an interview with Esther Shein of

Chief Executive Officer at NetWatcher
June 08, 2016

Ester Shein, editor at, recently published the article, Managed IT security services firms resell cloud-based offerings. Below is an excerpt from the article highlighting NetWatcher’s network monitoring and security services.

NetWatcher also recently launched a security as a service offering for network monitoring and has almost 50 MSPs testing the software, 15 of which are actively reselling it, said Scott Suhy, CEO. The company specializes in “everything that has to be done after an exploit occurs and warning that an exploit will occur,” he said, adding that they focus on “situational awareness around security hygiene.”

Suhy said he felt strongly that anything they built had to be easy to install and use because midmarket companies below 1,000 employees “don’t have the temperament to both install and use things that are difficult.” Another priority was making sure its offerings are accurate and affordable.

Like Eastwind, NetWatcher doesn’t require any upfront commitments from partners. “We give them access to use our services within their own company as long as they have one customer on board,” he said. “Once they reach 10 customers, we do give them a slight discount on one of our offerings, which they try to get to because that increases their profitability.”

Retail pricing is $399 per month up to 1,000 employees per customer, if an MSP pays monthly; this is reduced to $299 if they pay for a yearly program, up to 1,000 employees per customer. “We find 99% of the MSPs out there have a customer base of 1,000 and below.” Most MSPs get a 23% discount off the retail pricing, and most bolt in other services around their security offering, he said.

Many of their channel partners are already doing firewall management, he added. “They recognize firewalls and virus [protection] doesn’t work anymore” and their customers are asking for more protection geared at the middle market.

NetWatcher has a sensor that sits inside a customer’s network and looks for anomalies in its cloud-based platform, Suhy said. Partners can use a single pane of glass by logging into the NetWatcher cloud to manage all of their customers or through help desk provider ConnectWise.

NetWatcher’s goal is to bring on 100 partners by the end of year, which Suhy is confident they’ll reach.