PR: NetWatcher Offers Free Cyber Promiscuity Score™

Chief Executive Officer at NetWatcher
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November 15, 2016

Score helps organizations identify and prevent unintentionally risky online behavior that 87% of employees engage in—and that can lead to cyber threats


Reston, VA, November 15, 2016 – NetWatcher, a Managed Detection and Response Provideroday announced it is offering a free Cyber Promiscuity Score™ (CPS) as part of its easy to use enterprise-level, Cyber Threat Intelligence solution.

The CPS score—akin to a credit score for one’s online behavior—is determined by identifying and assessing a user’s online actions and patterns that may cause risk, such as running vulnerable or outdated software, visiting non-secure sites and submitting personal information online in clear text.

“We’ve heard from so many organizations that they know their staff and partners engage in unintentionally risky online behavior which leads to hacks, cyber theft and ransomware attacks,” said Scott Suhy, CEO of NetWatcher. “But they have no way to measure, and therefore prevent, these threats. That is why we are launching this free tool which reveals the Cyber Promiscuity Score for each employee.”

To get their free Cyber Promiscuity Score, users simply download and install the NetWatcher tool at . Then, within 3 – 4 days, they can log in to NetWatcher to view their score.

In one instance, just 20 minutes after installing NetWatcher’s software, a venture capital firm realized several partners had dangerous command and control software on their machines. A general counsel at a Wall Street firm installed software he thought offered a secure VPN, but it was sending nefarious traffic through his laptop. The company was able to detect this problem soon after installing NetWatcher.

In a crowded field, NetWatcher stands out for believing that cyber security should be easy to install, easy to use, easy to understand, highly accurate and affordable for any size organization.


About NetWatcher

NetWatcher is an award-winning Managed Detection and Response Provider focused on enterprise-level, proactive security management services for mid-sized organizations. The company offers a free endpoint service that continuously monitors a computer for both exploits and poor cyber hygiene to produce the Cyber Promiscuity Score (CPS) that allows users to view the greatest security vulnerabilities and explains how these threats can be corrected. NetWatchers founders are veterans of Microsoft and are recognized thought leaders in cyber security and risk management. Check us out at