Scott and Michael Lawson (@cubroadcast) talk about cyber security and credit unions

Chief Executive Officer at NetWatcher
Category: credit unions, Press
February 17, 2017

#736: How to Safeguard Against the Latest Financial Cybercrime Trends…

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As convenience explodes with online and mobile services, so does the crime. It’s a double-edged sword we all have to live with today — especially if we want to continue down the convenience road.

So if convenience is the name of the game in today’s financial services, cybercrime is the constant governor that keeps us from going too far too fast. That said, we invited NetWatcher CEO Scott Suhy on the program to provide some valuable information on the latest cybercrime trends — but also how to defend against them.

Firms and folks like Scott are doing a tremendous job keeping the fraudsters at bay so we can have the convenience that makes many of today’s mobile services so cool — adding loads of value to your credit union.

Enjoy our candid conversation and let us know your thoughts. Scott will also be speaking at the Credit Union InfoSecurity Conference in San Diego, June 14-16, 2017. If you’re in the neighborhood, go check it out.